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PRE-Launch Of Oxyblock Pieces

Develop Websites Fast

Create unlimited landing pages, portfolios, corporate websites, blogs and microsites with impeccable appearance, fast operation, good performance and in a short time.

Be suitable for your needs

Why use Oxyblock Pieces?

Semantic HTML

Clearer label to reinforce accessibility and improve SEO

Gap for Flexblox

Often we want to add space between the items.

Unlimited Upgrade

More blocks in each update, and if it is for life!

Unlimited Projects

Use it in 1, 5, 25 or better in all projects, and if it's for life!


Our Pricing



Oxyblock Core integration (in progress)
No Automatic.css integration
No Winden integration
Unlimited websites
Lifetime update
All Blocks



Oxyblock Core integration (in progress)
Automatic.css integration (soon)
Winden integration (soon)
Unlimited websites
Lifetime updates
All Blocks


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oxyblock Pieces?

Oxyblock Pieces is full of HTML, CSS and JS blocks such as header, footer and 10 more categories to facilitate the creation of websites.

How many blocks will Oxyblock Pieces have?

We don't have an exact amount of blocks that Oxyblock Pieces will have but it will be the most complete for your entire website. We will be adding much more blocks.

How many websites can I use Oxyblock Pieces?

Our Yearly and Lifetime packages can be used on unlimited websites and have lifetime upgrades.

I have a problem with the product. How can I get help?

We are here to help. Contact us at

Which plugins do I need to use the product?

Actually to use the pieces with the Oxyblock Core integration you need the Oxyblock Core plugins Tokens, Utility and Components. The Automatic.css integration will require a license of the plugin itself.

Do you provide refunds?

We do not issue refunds if the order is confirmed and the product has been shipped. There is no obligation to provide a refund or credit in the following situations:
  • You have purchased an item in error.
  • You are not experienced enough to use an item.