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Develop websites fast with the most popular frameworks in Oxygen Builder

Create unlimited landing pages, portfolios, corporate websites, blogs and microsites with impeccable appearance, fast operation, good performance and in a short time. Choose from the following frameworks Oxyblock Core, Automatic CSS or Core Framework to start using the entire library of pieces.
Oxyblock Pieces

234+ Pieces

Pieces have a clean, minimalist design, expertly crafted following accessibility best practices, and are easy to customize.

Just Copy & Paste

All pieces are easy to implement in Oxygen Builder. You just need to copy and paste them to use them fast in your projects.

Fully Responsive

Every piece is designed and implemented with full adaptability, which means it looks great on any screen size.


Clean and minimalist pieces, ready for your next website

More than 234+ examples of professional, fully customizable and expertly crafted design pieces that you can include in your projects with the Oxyblock Core, Automatic CSS or Core Framework in Oxygen Builder and customize to your heart's content.

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Design Sets

Modern and customizable design sets, ready for your next project

Production-ready website template sets, customized and custom designed with Oxyblock. Save time and effort in creating real websites in Oxygen Builder.

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