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We announce the pre-release of Oxyblock Pieces, formerly called as Design Set, we will start updating all the pieces with our Oxyblock Core framework and then we will do the integration with Automatic.css and Winden for Oxygen Builder.

We left behind the use of licensing and created a Pieces Library, you will only need the Swiss Knife plugin to copy and paste the pieces into your websites.

That's why we have started pre-sales of our Core (Oxyblock Core) and Multi-Core (Oxyblock Core, Automatic.css and Winden) plans. We will provide a 25% discount coupon and a total of 100 coupons for you to purchase Oxyblock Pieces.

Note: Those who purchased the Oxyblock Lifetime license (Oxyblock Launch) and Oxyblock Design Set will automatically get the Core plan, when we finish updating all the pieces.